S/Y Havana

MALÖ 116 special edition. Length: 14.10 m (43 ft). Width: 3.95 m. Tonnage: 13.5 tons. Built in Kungsviken, Sweden.

At vove er at miste fodfæste for en stund
Ikke at vove er at miste sig selv for altid


Nyhedsbreve 2007
Saone part 1
Saone part 2
Saone part 3
La Dolce Vita
Sidste nyhedsbrev
Nyhedsbreve 2008
Through the Ionians part 1
Through the Ionians part 2
Newsletter 2 part 1
Newsletter 2 part 2
Mamma Mia part 1
Mamma Mia part 2
Ciao Venezia
Nyhedsbreve 2009
Landcruising in Croatia in May
Ionion - Prevesa to Pireaus
Family Sailing Holiday
Tucker on Board
The Sporades Revisited Part One
Skopelos Mamma Mia Here we go again
The Meltemi Belt from Skyros to Chios
Meltemi from Chios to Samos
Celebrations Samos
Patmos to Leros
Kalymnos to Kos
Sejlkort 2006 - 2009
Nyhedsbreve 2010
Newsletter Leros
To the Ottoman Empire
Bodrum to Fethiye 1
Bodrum to Fethiye 2
Turkish Archipelago
Cruising with the Ships Doctor
Dalyan River Cruise
Favourites Revisited
Nyhedsbreve 2011
The house on the hill 1
The house on the hill 2
The house on the hill 3
Lipsi and Samos
Patmos Revisited
Accident Naxos
Lene & Jan Landlubber´s Holiday
Leros One Island One Spirit
Leros New Friends
New Discoveries with Old Friends
Kalymnos Pserimos Tilos
Peter og Jørgen Rhodes Simi
Peter og Jørgen Nissiros Kalymnos
Peter og Jørgen Leros
Kim og Ella på Leros
Jytte og Annie på Leros
Homeward Bound
Nyhedsbreve 2012
Spring on Leros
The Greek Experience May 2012
Leros in limbo
Discovering Leros
Lerian Celebrations
Lazy days on Leros
Sundowners Ashore
Yassas Katharina & Jan
Cruising Leros Style
Baronessen calling Havana
Leaving Leros Autumn Images
Nyhedsbreve 2013
Easter on Leros
It´s the police
Leaving Leros not quite
Leaving Leros bound for Arki
Waiting out the Meltemi
Pamukkale a once in a lifetime
Time Out on Fourni
More Time Out on Fourni
Coming and Going
Amorgos, Levitha, Schinnousa
Exploring Sifnos
Nyhedsbreve 2014
Heading For the Sun
Captivating Corfu
Paxos and Anti Paxos
Exploring Lefkas and Maganissi
Returning to Corfu
Ciao Italia
Exploring Pugla
At the House on the Hill
Old Favourites and New Surprises
Nyhedsbreve 2015
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