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The Seine to Paris and Rouen

Here we start the long trip through the river/ canal systems of France that stretch from the English Channel to the Mediterranean- a masterpiece of canals, locks, bridges and tunnels, a true marvel of engineering. This year they will take us through the Seine River (376 km /6 locks), River Marne (202 km/ 22 locks),Canal  lateral a la Marne (58 km/ 24 locks) and Canal de la Marne a la Saone (136 km/48 locks). That´s us on the right…nose pointing towards Paris.      More on the locks later….




Rouen- one of the absolute highlights- where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431, and site of an extraordinary cathedral where every night millions of light pixels (just like a giant computer screen) transform it into live brilliant canvasses of Monet´s famous paintings of the same cathedral.  Many beautiful narrow streets to wander, the world´s oldest functioning clock tower and a stunning modern cathedral to Joan of Arc. 




Where else? Paris. No question about it-one of our biggest thrills was actually sailing up the Seine straight past the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and under the famous bridges. In our own little Havana! Are we proud? Yes!

( Lene, “We did it and we did it good”). And the harbour is actually located right in the moat of the former Bastille .




We had a wonderful day´s touring the sights by open top bus and a fascinating morning at the Louvre. And we saw not only the Mona Lisa but all of the Egyptian exhibits, too, and more… (no, we couldn´t find the exit!). 


From here, Dad travelled home by bus after two month´s sailing.


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French Canals- the Countryside- in war and peace….



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