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Autumn in France....Heading South and Wrapping Up!

17 October  - Our last day in France this year for the Coastguards (as the French and English pronounce our name! What a great name for sailors they say!), last ”baguettes, last “moules et frites” in our local restaurant tonight in St. Jean de Losne on the River Saone- Havana´s new winter home.

 Autumn is in the air now with heavy morning mist on the canals and cool evenings though it is still 20C in the day. The canals are almost deserted and we have been alone much of the way with our own personal lockkeeper following us along all day! It has been a beautiful cruise through 901 km of French canals (160 locks, 3 tunnels).


We´ve squeezed and scraped through- no problems. The scenery and farming villages of the Ardennes have been particularly charming. Also the lovely city of Chaumont and the medieval walled city of Langres. Havana reached the summit of 400 m. above sea-level, quite an achievement for a sea-going yacht, before starting the long descent south towards the Mediterranean, to be continued next year.





We passed through the Tunnel de Balesme 4.82 km long where you soon discover if you are claustrophobic or not…Now after two long days of packing everything in plastic and putting Havana to bed, we´re ready for home via train to Paris tomorrow and overnight bus to Copenhagen with a mountain of luggage.




First time ever we´ll leave Havana in the water over the winter- it freezes here with ice and snow but we are in a very protected harbour off the river. Aussies, New Zealanders, Brits and Swedes-they´re all here, coming and going, all with their different sailing experiences. Even a boat from Frederikssund (gone home). Havana will have the fattest duck in creation for company. It will be lovely to see everyone and the summerhouse and WOW even TV! 

So did I become an expert at crosswords, read loads of novels, learn to paint, hone my French and navigational skills…well, er no…it´s been so busy!

Ah, but there´s always next year….  


Havana in 2006- 3265 km.  

2007 : S. France & Provence, Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Malta, Italy…

Thanks for following along with us- hope you´ve enjoyed it….A bientot…See you soon!

Chris & Jan




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