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 "At vove er at miste fodfæste for en stund.

Ikke at vove er at miste sig selv for altid".

The Start….from the Ship´s log…syHavana !


A few first impressions from the first week onboard and southbound….

The start

Captain Korsgaard.

We are on the way!


Our first guests….Kisser & Paul and the old guy enjoy lunch at small marina in Rendsburg-halfway along the Kiel Canal.


One of the best surprises…after a long day…came in at 22:00 and WOW!  Langeoog…a small island 20 km. off the German coast…a real pearl of a holiday resort for German daytrippers. Beautiful little marina but….

at low water….we are AGROUND (but tied to the dock!). We are sitting on the keel a few metres from the mud as the harbour dries out every 6 hours…our first experience of the tide. No problem but a bit weird

Leaving the Kiel Canal out into the North Sea…


Here we expected the worst weather but it was sunshine all the way…


No cars in this idyllic seaside town on Langoog…just miles of white sandy beaches and hundreds of basket beach loungers .  It´s hot….30+C !!!   Who needs the Med?




Styrmanden …

Company at close quarters along the Kiel Canal.

It´s much greener and prettier than expected with swans and ducks with many chicks for company. 


Here we sail through the city…feeling grand as 8 bridges open just for us! Some have paintings underneath, revealed as you sail through! Lovely old houseboats line the canals.



 One of many charming resting places alongside the Dutch canals.

 We are presently motoring towards Lieuwarden through narrow and shallow (!) canals.



Flat green countryside with only birds, cows & sheep grazing down to the water for company…Wet & cold. Scraped the bottom today but Havana pulled us through.




Beautiful Amsterdam along the canals

Route to 15.06.06: Rørvig, Samsø, Nyborg, Holtenau (DE),Rendsburg, Brunsbuttel, Langeoog, Borkum, Delftzijl, (NL), Gronningen, via EemsKanal, Dokkum….total: approx. 435 nm. (870 km).

Please visit with us again soon …. kærlige sejler hilsner fra os på Havana.



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